Breast and Bottle Feeding

Have some questions about feeding your baby? You have come to the right place. That's our SPECIALTY!

Welcome! We are Amy & Mindy, an IBCLC and SLP partnership, and we want to help you feed your baby. Whether you just have a few questions or you are really struggling, we have a mountain of resources to help you on your journey to success.

Maybe breastfeeding is going well and you are curious about introducing a bottle or pacifier. We can help. Perhaps you are working so hard to make breastfeeding work and you are exhausted with pumping, breast feeding, and bottle feeding. We can help with that, too, and so much more.

Balancing Breast and Bottle

Balancing Breast and Bottle is our signature product. This book contains all the information you need to successfully breast and bottle feed your baby! Sure, you can Google answers to questions as you go, but half of the answers you find are based on old wives tales or myths. THIS is a resource you can TRUST! In fact, it’s the book most lactation consultants use to learn how to help families select and use a bottle and pacifier. Available in paperback and e-book. Learn more about what's inside here.

Virtual, On-Demand Classes

If breastfeeding is going well and you want the flexibility of offering a bottle, our best-selling classes will help you feed your baby with confidence. After all, you worked hard to get breast feeding established. You don’t want to mess that up!

Bottle Battle is a class for moms of babies who do not want to take a bottle. If your baby is past 4 weeks old this is the best place to start. Learn all the details about this class here.

Beginning Bottle Feeding is a class for expectant and new moms who would like to breast and bottle feed. If your baby is still in the womb or 3 weeks old or less, start here. Learn all the details about this class here.

Smelly Milk is a must-take class for any mom planning to store milk! Some breast milk smells “off” after storing or heating. Don’t risk having to throw out milk your baby refuses to eat. In this class you will discover if the change in flavor is caused by high lipase or chemical oxidation, and what to do about it (they have different solutions!). Learn all the details about this class here.