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Is My Breast Milk Smelly?

Which moms should perform a breast milk smell/taste test?
  • Moms who plan to store breast milk
  • Moms whose babies fuss with or refuse the bottle
  • Moms whose babies seem to breastfeed reluctantly

There is nothing more heartbreaking than figuring out your milk changes flavor during storage AFTER you have a freezer full, with no way to fix it!

A breast milk smell/taste test is a simple way to give yourself peace of mind that all your pumping effort will not go to waste.   CLICK TO ADD TO CART  (don't worry--it's free!)

Bottles and Emergency Preparedness

If your baby uses a bottle as part of their feeding routine, this handout is for you. This information will help you prepare supplies needed in case of an emergency. Certainly this is not a subject we like to talk about, but truly needed in this day and age!

Whether you are an exclusive pumper, combo feeder, or exclusive formula, this handout is for you.   CLICK TO ADD TO CART (don't worry--it's free!)